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Common Electric Cooktop Problems

The cooktop is one of the most vital appliances in any kitchen, providing the strong heat – source required for creating a vast variety of delicious dishes. Whether you have an electric cooktop built into your cooking range or a standalone electric cooktop, this design offers great cooking capabilities to the modern home. But like any other appliance, electric cooktops can encounter problems in need of maintenance and repairs.

You can’t cook with an appliance that doesn’t operate, and if your electric cooktop won’t turn on you may be suffering from a number of issues.

The simplest reason a cooktop won’t turn on is the most obvious one — it’s not plugged in. Before investigating other issues, be sure to check that your unit is properly plugged in, and that its outlet is not defective. To check the outlet, you can use a multimeter or test it by attempting to use another small appliance like an iron or blow dryer. If these tests fail, you may want to contact an electrician to fix the outlet.

If your outlet is providing power, but the cooktop still doesn’t work, there are likely issues with the appliance’s internal components. Even minor malfunctions can cause this issue, making it a problem best handled by a professional electric stove repair technician.
Traditional electric cooktops feature electric coil burners. When you turn the appliance on, you expect the coils to heat for cooking. If your cooktop is receiving power, but the coils won’t heat, you could be experiencing a number of issues.

A common cause of this issue is a loose connection between the coils and the cooktop. The coils need to be removed for deep cleaning of an electric cooktop, and if they’re not put back in place properly, they will not receive power. Be sure to check that your coils are installed properly, and there is nothing stuck between the coil element and the stove.
You may also have an issue with the cooktop’s internal ignition switch which provides the action needed to heat burners. This can be a challenging problem to resolve on your own, and it’s smart to enlist assistance from a factory-certified appliance repair professional.
Many homeowners invest in electric cooktops because they offer precise temperature settings. If you cannot properly adjust the temperature of your burners, you cannot take advantage of all that your appliance has to offer.

An issue with the unit’s infinite switch may cause this problem. This switch is connected to the dial that regulates power levels, and a faulty switch can force your burners to heat to one specific level regardless of your desired settings. Another common source of this problem is a faulty internal ignition switch. Regardless of the cause, you should contact an appliance repair service to handle this issue.
An electric cooktop should not spark the same way that a gas cooktop does before it’s lit. Should you notice sparks from your electric unit, you definitely need to make some repairs.

If your electric cooktop produces sparks, there may be damage to its heating element. Excessive weight or temperatures can damage this component, and result in hazardous sparks. There may also be loose wire connections around the electric coil burners that are causing sparks. These sparks are very dangerous, as they are a potential source of fatal electric shock. With that in mind, you should always seek out a professional cooktop repair expert to resolve this issue quickly.
Most modern cooktops feature various indicator lights or electronic displays that provide convenient information on your unit’s temperature settings.

If you notice these lights or displays won’t turn on, you probably have a defective control switch. The control switch provides power to these features, and if it’s malfunctioning, you won’t be able to see your cooktop’s displays. You may also have burned-out bulbs in your cooktop. Both of these components can be replaced, and using an experienced appliance repair technician will ensure the job is done right.
Over time, your electric coil burners will become worn out, especially if you frequently use your cooktop. Common signs of damage include blisters, bubbles, or cracks on the coils. Unfortunately, there is no way for these coils to be repaired. Instead, you will need to invest in new electric coils for your cooktop. Be sure to purchase coils that are the proper size for your unit’s burners, as loose coils can result in a host of cooking issues and safety hazards.

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