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Get Connected to the Best Emergency Electrician on North Shore

Human life can be quite unpredictable. You cannot foresee what is going to happen in the next moment. As the future cannot be controlled, you should be prepared to deal with any challenges thrown to you by your life. Sometimes, electrical hazards may cause emergencies. These situations can be life-threatening; therefore, you should never ignore an electrical emergency. Do you have a trusted electrician’s number saved in your mobile’s contact? No? Then, Urban Connect can help you. We can help you get rid of all unexpected electrical issues that can take place at your home. We are a leading emergency electrician in North Shore.


Services offered by the most sought-after emergency electrician on the North Shore

Our main aim is to keep your family and your property safe. To ensure your safety, we have come with an array of services. These services are:


Storm and water damage

Sometimes strong thunderstorms cause leaks; sometimes heavy rain may make its way into your electric outlets. These incidents may create life-threatening emergencies. When water mixes with electrical outlets, it can result in extreme damage. To deal with such a situation, you will need the help of our well-trained and skilled electricians. Our team will figure out the issues and resolve them. We can protect you from electrocution, electrical fires, and burns.


Worn wiring and circuits

Wiring and circuits may not seem a big deal apparently, but these may lead you to critical emergencies. Worn wiring and circuits sometimes pose great risks and threaten lives. If you want to avoid these mishaps, you need to ensure that worn, broken or frayed, wiring is figured out and restored before an emergency arises. Urban Connect can identify the wiring issues and repair them immediately.


Sparking sockets and plugs

If an electrical outlet starts smoking or a burning smell comes whenever you plug an appliance into the socket, you should immediately cut the power supply and inform a reputed emergency electrician at North Shore. In such cases, our team evaluates the extent of the damage and rightly suggests what should be done to fix the issues. Also, our skilled electricians conduct preventive inspections and electrical works to make sure that similar incidents will never happen again.
Our team will assess the extent of the damage and determine what can be done to address the issue. We’ll also arrange preventative inspections and other electrical services to help you avoid similar problems in your house.


Electrical fires

If you ignore an electrical issue, it may lead to electrocution, damage to appliances, electrical fires, and many other terrible consequences. Over time, the chances of risks will be increased if you keep the issue unsolved. We have earned immense admiration from our customers for providing their families safety with our timely services.
You can call us anytime whenever there is an emergency!


We are available 24/7!

We understand that emergencies can arise at any time and such situations need immediate action. When an emergency case comes to us, we do not schedule it, we send our team to the place instantly.
Regardless of where your location is across the North Shore in Sydney, you need to take care of two basic things, a safe and well-organized electrical setup in your home and the contact details of a reliable emergency electrician on the North Shore.
Urban Connect is committed to providing you with instant residential and commercial electrical services for emergencies. You can trust our efficient electricians; they will put their best efforts into ensuring your safety. While dealing with commercial emergency cases, we take all employees out of the place to make them safe.

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