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Fault Finding

Electrical Fault Finding Methods

Generally, an electrical circuit is made of electrical components like lights, fuses, motors, safety switches and circuit breakers.
A wiring diagram generally helps the fault-finding procedure and will make it simple because you will identify most of the components.

Electrical problems can arise due to several issues such as corroded or loose connections, hot joins, blown fuse, faulty earth connection or melted fusible links, faulty relay or faulty sensor.

A Digital or analog meter can help you identify more faults. The device will help you check for the amperage, volts, resistance, and continuity and test the lights for load and voltage drop.

With intermittent faults, perform the pull test on wiring. The test involves wiggling the wiring to see if a fault occurs. When using the technique, you will have to narrow down a fault to its source. Intermittent wiring faults occur because of poor or loose connections and faulty wiring insulation.

3 Causes of Electrical Faults

Finding electrical faults can be difficult, only licensed electricians should identify and rectify electrical problems.

Open Circuit

An open circuit occurs when a connection breaks. A continuity test will establish this.

Short Circuit

A closed connection is also known as a short circuit. This connection causes the flow of excess current in the circuit and damages the electrical components or appliances. A short circuit usually arises from damaged or weak insulation that you can detect with the insulation resistance test.

Continuity Testing

Continuity of your circuit can be tested in two ways: the de-energised continuity test and the energised continuity. The de-energised continuity testing requires you to switch off the power to eliminate any electrical shock. When conducting an insulation test, you will have to switch off the power also.

If you are concerned about the safety any of your appliances whether they’re in your kitchen, laundry or elsewhere, you should not fault-find yourself and ask us to complete a thorough check.

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