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Expert Switchboard Upgrades in the North Shore, Sydney

Urban Connect Electrical specialises in switchboard upgrades for homes and businesses in the North Shore, Sydney.

Leading Switchboard Upgrades Specialist in the North Shore, Sydney

Need reliable switchboard upgrades for your property in the North Shore?

Urban Connect Electrical provides expert switchboard upgrade services to your needs.

Enhance safety and efficiency with our professional electrical solutions.

Comprehensive Switchboard Services
for Every Need

With years of experience and a focus on safety, we provide quality upgrades using the best materials and practices.

Electrician testing Circuit breakers | Urban Connect Electrical

Regular inspections and testing to identify potential hazards and ensure your switchboard meets current safety standards.

Electrician testing switchboard wiring | Urban Connect Electrical

Quick and effective repair and maintenance services to keep your electrical system running smoothly without unexpected disruptions.

Installing safety switches | Urban Connect Electrical

Complete upgrade services for outdated systems, enhancing your home’s electrical capacity and safety with the latest technology.

Our Recent Projects

Here are some of our recent projects we completed in the North Shore, Sydney.


What our clients say about Urban Connect Electrical

They arrived in a timely fashion and perform tasks with efficiency.
Just wanted to give a shout out to Doug and his colleague for the excellent job performed. Doug kept me informed on all the processes and performed those with the utmost experience and qualifications a person could ever ask for. Doug had the personality like you knew him forever. Really an awesome pair of guys. Both of you guys ROCK! Will definitely refer to my friends. Thank you again Doug for the fantastic service!
Reliable, prompt and reasonable service is what I always experience
I’ve used Doug/ Urban Connect Electrical many times to help real estate clients who are either buying or selling homes. Doug has been able to give timely service, and can do anything at all that’s needed including large complete wiring fit-outs. The reputation at Urban Connect Electrical is important when a seller is making repairs because people know they can trust that a quality repair was made. Reliable, prompt and reasonable service is what I, and my clients, always experience with Urban Connect Electrical.
Honest, professional and excellent customer service.
Honest, professional and excellent customer service. They responded to my emergency call on the weekend without hesitation. I was kept in the loop regarding the repairs and all of my questions were answered with a smile. Big thank you to Urban Connect Electrical that saved the day.

Why Choose Us

Our 3 Promises to North Shore Residents

Expert Installation | Urban Connect Electrical

Safety First

Your safety is our top priority in every project.

Reliable Service | Urban Connect Electrical

Quality Work

Material quality and workmanship are of the highest standards.

Custom Solutions | Urban Connect Electrical

Customer Focus

Our services are customised to meet your specific needs

Understanding the Need for Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard upgrades are crucial for maintaining electrical safety and efficiency in modern homes. Upgrading helps prevent overloads, reduces the risk of electrical fires, and ensures your home can handle contemporary electrical demands. With the increasing use of high-power devices, an updated switchboard is essential for every home.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Switchboard

Switchboard upgrades offer multiple benefits, including improved safety features like circuit breakers and safety switches, which protect against electric shocks and fires. Upgrading can also increase your home’s value and ensure compatibility with renewable energy solutions, making it a smart investment for any homeowner.

Our Process

How Our Switchboard Upgrades Service Work


Contact us for a free safety inspection and detailed quote.

Customised Planning

We plan your upgrade based on your specific needs and schedule.

Efficient Execution

Our certified electricians carry out the upgrade with minimal disruption to your home.
Spacious kitchen with modern lighting | Urban Connect Electrical
Close-up of a power outlet with safety switches as part of a residential electrical upgrade | Urban Connect Electrical
Modern Ceiling Fan | Urban Connect Electrical

Upgrade Your Switchboard Today

Don’t let outdated electrical systems compromise your home’s safety and efficiency. Contact Urban Connect Electrical, your local switchboard upgrade specialist in the North Shore, Sydney, for a consultation. Experience peace of mind with our expert services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Switchboard upgrades are essential for safety, and efficiency, and to meet the electrical demands of modern appliances and devices. They also ensure your home complies with current electrical standards.

Costs vary based on your specific needs and home setup. Contact us for a transparent, obligation-free quote tailored to your situation.

Generally, no permit is needed for internal upgrades. However, we handle all compliance and regulatory requirements, ensuring a smooth process.

fuse boxes Upgrade | Urban Connect Electrical