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LED Lighting North Shore Sydney

Upgrade your lighting. Contact Urban Connect Electrical today.

LED Lighting Services in North Shore, Sydney

Do you want to elevate your environment by introducing vibrant, energy-efficient lighting solutions?

Transform your space with eco-friendly LED lighting solutions in North Shore, Sydney!

At Urban Connect Electrical, we partner with you to design a lighting solution that enhances your space’s beauty and optimises energy efficiency.

Our certified electrician team specialises in the latest LED technology, offering installations for homes and businesses alike.

Our Top LED Lighting Solutions

Urban Connect Electrical brings expertise in installing diverse LED lighting options to brighten every corner of your space. Our selection includes:
Rustic Lighting | Urban Connect Electrical
Perfect for accentuating artwork or architectural features. They provide focused lighting to highlight the best aspects of any room.
Neon Lighting Frames | Urban Connect Electrical
Ideal for offices and commercial spaces, LED panels offer uniform and gentle lighting, reducing eye strain and improving productivity.
Outdoor Illumination | Urban Connect Electrical
Enhance the safety and aesthetics of your outdoor areas. From garden lights to pathway illumination, we make your exteriors inviting yet secure.
Elegant Lighting Solutions | Urban Connect Electrical
Control your lighting with ease. Our smart LED solutions can be adjusted for brightness and colour, matching every mood or occasion.
Advanced Lighting Switches | Urban Connect Electrical
Essential for safety, our emergency LED lighting ensures you’re prepared for any situation, providing reliable illumination when it matters most.

Types of LED Lights We Offer

Urban Connect Electrical brings expertise in installing diverse LED lighting options to brighten every corner of your space. Our selection includes:
Dammable light

Dimmable LEDs

Adjust the ambience of any room with lights that dim to your preference, perfect for living areas and bedrooms.


Colour Changing LEDs

Match the mood or occasion with LEDs that offer a spectrum of colours, ideal for entertainment areas and kids' rooms.


High-Brightness LEDs

Illuminate workspaces and commercial areas with high-brightness LEDs designed for clarity and productivity.

Why Choose Us

Our 3 Promises to the North Shore Community
Safety First


We stay at the forefront of LED technology to offer you the best solutions.



Trust is everything. We deliver on our promises and stand by our work.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus

Your satisfaction is our priority. We tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

Switch to LED and Save

Embrace LED lighting with Urban Connect Electrical and enjoy reduced energy bills and a greener footprint. LED lights not only lower your energy consumption but also offer longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Urban Connect Electrical is your local LED lighting specialist in North Shore, Sydney. Let us help you explore the benefits of switching to LED. With our expertise, enjoy enhanced lighting that saves money and supports the environment.

Our Process

How Our LED Lighting Service Works


Reach out for a free consultation. We assess your space and lighting needs to offer a personalised solution.

Design & Install

We arrange installations according to your schedule, ensuring a smooth transition to LED lighting with minimal disturbance.


After installation, we'll guide you through using and maintaining your new LED lights and check in to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Spacious kitchen with modern lighting | Urban Connect Electrical
Elegant Lighting Solutions | Urban Connect Electrical
Modern Ceiling Fan | Urban Connect Electrical

LED Lighting Services in North Shore, Sydney

Transform your lighting and enjoy a brighter, more energy-efficient space with Urban Connect Electrical. Get in touch with us today for a consultation and see how we can light up your world.

Frequently Asked Questions

LEDs are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and offer a long lifespan. They provide better light quality and are available in various designs to suit any need.
The cost varies based on the project scope, but we offer competitive pricing and transparent quotes. Contact us for a personalised estimate.
Most LED installations are straightforward. However, we’ll assess and advise on any necessary preparations for specific projects. Urban Connect Electrical ensures a hassle-free upgrade to LED lighting.
Generally, no. But we’ll navigate any regulations and specific requirements in North Shore Sydney for you.
Elegant Wave-Design Ceiling Light | Urban Connect Electrical